Over the years, experiments in the printmaking department at Factum Arte have achieved highly detailed mezzotint plates using CNC technology. A fascinating conversation across time, animated by the same spirit of excitement that the innovators of this tonal process experienced when it was discovered in the 17th century.

Deep Relief Intaglio

An intaglio plate is one whose image is embedded into the surface of the printing plate. Traditionally this would have been achieved using hand engraving tools or acid etching. At Factum Arte, by mixing CNC milled plates with traditional etching processes and multiple plate printing, it is possible to push artisanal printing to new heights.

Laser and Waterjet Cutting

This mechanical cut process cuts material through high pressure water stream mixed with ultra-fine abrasive sand particles. The main advantage of this process is that it is a cold cut, it does not heat up the material and hence avoids deformations and allows cutting thick materials.


At Factum Arte, several types of casting techniques are available to achieve a variety of results.