This section is dedicated to the books and publications that often accompany projects carried out by the Factum Foundation. Many of them are free to read, while some can be purchased on our Shop. We also have a profile on with a number of extracts from our publications.

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Publications & Catalogues


Silo Dreaming

Factum Foundation, 2023

The Bakor Monoliths

Preserving ancestral stones in south-eastern Nigeria

Factum Foundation, 2022

Colnaghi & Factum

The Science of Art

Factum Foundation & Colnaghi, 2022

Masterpiece [Re]Discovery

Avoiding Oblivion

Factum Foundation & Skene Catling de la Peña, 2022

Exhibition Booklet

In Ictu Oculi: In the Blink of an Eye


The Aura in the Age of Digital Materiality

Rethinking Preservation in the Shadow of an Uncertain Future

Factum Foundation, 2020

Scanning Seti I

The regeneration of a Pharaonic Tomb

Exhibition Catalogue, 2017

Factum: A digital mediation studio

Factum Foundation, 2019

Re-creating the lost silver map of al-Idrisi

Factum Foundation, 2019

A Selection of Texts by Adam Lowe and Charlotte Skene Catling

Factum Foundation & SKENE CATLING DE LA PEÑA, 2019

The Sacred Cave of Kamukuwaká

The Preservation of Indigenous Cultures in Brazil

Factum Foundation, 2019

Diverse Maniere

Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess

Factum Foundation, 2017

In Harm’s Way

Aspects of Cultural Heritage Protection

British Council, 2017

The Re-Materialisation of Idrimi

Factum Foundation, 2017

Soane’s Ark

Building with Symbols

Factum Foundation, 2017

Two Hundred Years in the Life of the Tomb of Seti I

Factum Foundation, 2017

The Authorized Facsimile of the Burial Chamber of Tutankhamun

Factum Foundation, 2012

Beato de Liébana

Commentary on the Apocalyspe of Saint John

Factum Foundation, 2005

The Dama de Elche

Factum Foundation, 2003

The Tomb of Seti I

Digital Technology in Conservation

Factum Arte, 2002

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