Deep Relief Intaglio

An intaglio plate is one whose image is embedded into the surface of the printing plate. Traditionally this would have been achieved using hand engraving tools or acid etching. At Factum Arte, by mixing CNC milled plates with traditional etching processes and multiple plate printing, it is possible to push artisanal printing to new heights.

We have worked with several artists with diverse requirements to create plates that may be hand drawn, photographically transferred and recreated as a depth map from 3D scans. These images are digitally routed deep into the metal, providing a plate which creates, when passed through the etching press, a powerful blind embossed image upon the paper. There is the capacity for the plate to be inked in the intaglio, be surface rolled, or for both of those methods to be employed simultaneously. This enriches the surface of the image on the paper.

Large format etching press kindly given by the family of Lucio Muñoz

Plate being routed

Chine colle embossed print (laminated Korean paper) Artist: Marc Quinn

Silvering the Cerebrum by Dillwyn Smith, blind embossed on silver leafed paper. The background is a digitally printed wallpaper.

Artist: El Anatsui. With a wooden tabletop as source material, a digitally routed plate was created, turned into an experimental working proof made with intaglio, chine-collé and surface rolling

Intaglio print for the Terra Forming Project