Our Press Releases

June 2023

The Njemitop Monolith at the Chrysler Museum: a positive approach to sharing

May 2023

SCREAMING DUENDE: Israel Galván and the Huutajat choir at the AALTOSIILO

July 2022

Avoiding Oblivion: The Preservation of Pharaonic Knowledge

May 2021

Public Statement

Secretary of State permits boutique hotel on historic Whitechapel Bell Foundry site

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Press Articles

Finestre sull'Arte

May 2024

Viaggio nei laboratori di Factum, dove si creano sorprendenti facsimili dei capolavori dell’arte

The Telegraph

March 2024

The man who found a solution to the museum restitution row… using a 3D scanner

The Times

March 2024

The Renaissance reborn: meet the man who recreates masterpieces

Il Giornale dell'Arte

February 2024

Il Colosso di Costantino, una «magnifica illusione»

El Español

February 2024

El Coloso de Constantino revive en Roma: la gran obra de una empresa de Madrid con impresoras 3D

The New York Times

February 2024

Rome’s Ancient Grandeur Towers Anew With a Copy of a Colossus

El País

December 2023

El horno árabe que despierta de su letargo

The New York Times

November 2022

Climate Change and Human Activity Erode Egypt’s Treasured Antiquities

Press Videos

Podcasts & Radio

April 2024

This Week in Art: Yoko Ono at Tate Modern, Elton John’s collection, a Roman colossus remade

The reconstruction of the Colossus of Constantine was featured as Work of the Week on the Art Newspaper’s This Week in Art. Adam Lowe, founder of Factum Foundation, was interviewed by Ben Luke about the project and its challenges.

January 2023

BBC Digital Planet: Photometric-stereo 3D imaging reveals secrets of the past

Hannah Fisher from BBC Digital Planet interviews the ARCHiOx team on the technologies, achievements and future plans of the project partnership funded by The Helen Hamlyn Trust at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. (11:20-19:55)

July 2022

The Apollo Podcast: The Masterpiece podcast (Ep. 3)

Presented by Masterpiece London in partnership with Apollo, this three-part series of podcasts provides an insight into the works on show at this year’s Masterpiece fair. In the third and final episode, Adam Lowe talks about the display he has curated with architect Charlotte Skene Catling for the fair’s new Masterpiece [Re]Discovery section, ‘Avoiding Oblivion: The Preservation of Pharaonic Knowledge’, which builds on the work of Lowe’s workshop Factum Arte in the Valley of the Kings over the last two decades.

December 2021

BBC Radio 4: On the Elgin Marbles

On December 14, 2021, Factum Foundation’s founder Adam Lowe participated in an interview with archaeologist Gillian Hovell following Stephen Fry’s statement on the repatriation of the Elgin Marbles to Greece. In an era of digital materiality, where cultural artefacts can be made accessible online and offline, Lowe stressed the need to properly digitise objects at the highest resolution possible, to inform and shape decisions about where and how to display those objects. Lowe also mentioned the importance of launching an in-depth debate about ownership, access and repatriation, and in this case about reunification.