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Following the creation of the multidisciplinary workshop Factum Arte in 2001, Adam Lowe founded the Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Preservation in 2009. Factum Foundation was established with the aim of using Factum Arte's innovative processes and technologies for preservation, education, and the dissemination of cultural heritage.

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe (Oxford, 1959) was trained in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford and the RCA London. He worked as an artist throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, co-founded Pomeroy Purdy Gallery (1987) and curated several exhibitions of contemporary art, before dedicating his life to merging new technologies and craft skills, both the creation of contemporary art (through Factum Arte’s workshops) and the preservation of culture (through Factum Foundation). He has written extensively on the subject of originality, authenticity and preservation.

Lowe is a former Adjunct Professor at the MS Historic Preservation at Columbia University, New York since 2016. He has written extensively on the subject of originality, authenticity and conservation. In 2014, he received an Apollo Award for Digital Innovation of the Year, an honour that was repeated in 2016 for the digitisation work carried out by the Factum Foundation in Dagestan. In 2019, he was made Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) by the British Royal Society of Arts.

Since 2017, Lowe represents Factum Foundation as a member of the core research group of the Reproduction of Art and Cultural Heritage initiative (ReACH), whose undertaking resulted in the signing of a declaration at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The new Declaration has been signed by 20 major museums and foundations invested in the use of digital technology to preserve, protect and distribute our shared cultural heritage.

Over the years, Lowe has structured a team of preservation specialists who operate worldwide.

Iván Allende
Carlos Alonso
Silvia Álvarez
Celestia Antrusther
Juan Carlos Arias
Carlos Bayod Lucini
Nicolas Béliard
Costanza Blaskovic
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Raul Candil
Jorge Cano
Teresa Casado
Francesco Cigognetti
Osama Dawod
Sol Costales Doulton
Dylan Dubson
Isabel Fernández
Giulia Fornaciari
Eduardo García
Manuel Franquelo
Carmen G. Figueras

Jordi García Pons
Mar García Sánchez
Irene Gaumé
Abdo Ghaba
Esperanza González
Nuria Goytre
Carolina Gris
Miguel Hernando
Aliaa Ismail
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Larissa van Moorsel
Blanca Nieto
Oscar Parasiego
Voula Paraskevi Natsi
María Carmen Pascual
Natalia Pérez Buesa
Rafa Rachewsky
Damián Rojo
Soledad Ruano
Pedro Salafranca
Carlos San Juan
Carlos Sanz Sayalero
Ferdinand Saumarez Smith
Gabriel Scarpa
Oak Taylor-Smith
Valentino Tignanelli
Michael Ward
Charlie Westgarth
Casilda Ybarra

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