Facsimiles, like original objects, gain meaning from the contexts in which they are exhibited and experienced. Factum Foundation’s facsimiles and recreations allow curators to broach new frontiers in terms of what and how it is possible to exhibit, while the exhibitions which we organise ourselves call into question traditional distinctions between authenticity and originality.

We ask audiences to think about the trains of transmission which lie between the present context of viewing and the multiple “original” contexts of the objects in front of them, and to question the curatorial strategies which claim to offer direct, unmediated access to something “real” and “true”.


May 3, 2024

Adam Lowe at the National Gallery: ‘Sensing the Seen: Gossaert in Facsimile’

On Wednesday 1 May 2024, Matthias Wivel (Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen) and Adam Lowe hosted the National Gallery Research Centre seminar ‘Sensing the Seen: Gossaert in Facsimile’ at the One...

February 17, 2024

Carlos Bayod at the Museo del Prado

As part of the seminars at the Museo del Prado centered on the role of copies in art, Carlos Bayod Lucini, Project Director at Factum Foundation, presented the work of...

December 13, 2023

Javier Marti and Adam Lowe at COP28

On the closing day of COP28, Adam Lowe and Javier Marti (Divirod) gave a talk about using waste signals from satellite communication to get real-time measurements of the relationship between...

November 21, 2023

Aliaa Ismail at CIPEG Annual Meeting 2023

Aliaa Ismail presented Factum Foundation’s work in Egypt during the Annual Meeting organised by CIPEG (ICOM International Committee for Egyptology) on November 21st 2023. Her talk, Digital Heritage Preservation: An...

November 8, 2023

Carlos Bayod Lucini at ‘Bibliotecas, datos, inteligencia artificial: las nuevas rutas del conocimiento’

Carlos Bayod Lucini participated in a roundtable conference organised at the Biblioteca Nacional de España on November 7th and 8th 2023. He presented the Factum Foundation as a case study...

October 16, 2023

Otto Lowe at ‘Spirit of Paimio’

On October 16th, 2023 Otto Lowe participated as Keynote Speaker at the first edition of the conference Spirit of Paimio, hosted at the historic Paimio Sanatorium designed by Aino and...

September 14, 2023

Carolina Gris at ‘Across the Planet: The Past and the Future of Libraries’, AOA – ARCHiVe Online Academy 2023

As part of the AOA – ARCHiVe Online Academy 2023, an online lecture hosted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on September 14th, 2023 presented the work of Cristina Dondi, who...

March 25, 2023

Imran Khan at AOA – ARCHiVe Online Academy 2023

As part of the ARCHiVe Online Academy 2023, Factum Foundation’s Imran Khan presented Factum Foundation’s work in the field of the digitisation and preservation of architectural heritage in Photogrammetry in Architecture,...

December 22, 2022

Carlos Bayod Lucini, Jorge Cano and Adam Lowe at ‘ARCHiOx: Sensing the Unseen in Bodleian Collections, Bodleian Libraries

The results achieved over the first year of ARCHiOx, the research collaboration between the Bodleian Libraries and the Factum Foundation funded by The Helen Hamlyn Trust, were presented to the...

November 29, 2022

Adam Lowe at Image Capital, Fondazione MAST, Bologna

The digital mediation process reinvents the way objects are conceived, shaped and interacted with by creating connections between new technologies and craftsmanship that result in innovative artworks, exhibitions and reproductions....

November 16, 2022

Carlos Bayod at the international seminar ‘El futuro de la nuestras colecciones’, Museo Picasso Málaga

Carlos Bayod presented the work of the Factum Foundation at the international seminar ‘El futuro de nuestras colecciones’ organised by Museo Picasso Málaga on November 16th 2022. The presentation Tecnología...

November 12, 2022

Adam Lowe at the Cleveland Symposium, Cleveland Museum of Art

Adam Lowe was a keynote speaker at the 47th Annual Cleveland Symposium by Case Western Reserve University, centered on the topic “Aura: Authenticity, Experience, and Art”, hosted at the Cleveland...