Selene Photometric Stereo System

Since 2017, Factum Foundation has been developing a new surface scanning system and workflow designed specifically for the fine surface texture of flat or semi-flat surfaces such as paintings, murals or sculptural bas-reliefs. While the Lucida 3D Scanner still produces the highest level of detail, the Photometric Stereo System has the additional advantage of acquiring both surface information and colour at the same time.

Lucida 3D Scanner

The Lucida 3D Scanner is a close-range, non-contact laser recording system that captures high-resolution surface texture data for low-relief surfaces such as paintings or bas-reliefs. The Lucida hardware and software were conceived and developed by artist and engineer Manuel Franquelo together with a team of artists, conservators and engineers at Factum Arte. Logistical support was provided by Factum Foundation.