High Resolution Viewers

Factum Foundation has developed a multi-layered browser that enables the visualisation of the 3D scanned relief data, as well as the colour data of digitised artifacts, at an extremely high resolution.

The multi-layered viewers allow you to move around the scanned surfaces and zoom into macro-level photographic data with a resolution of 400 dpi on a scale of 1:1. This allows the inspection of every single detail of the artifact, from any computer screen.

Surface relief data has been recorded either with Factum’s Lucida 3D Scanner or with photogrammetry. Colour data has been recorded using either panoramic photography or photogrammetry and all colour management has been performed by Factum. Please note that different monitors, display screens or browsers can all give different impressions of the colour data.

Other data such as X-Ray and Infrared, if shown in a viewer, has been provided by the owner of the object and mapped onto the relief or colour data by Factum.

The navigators span over a number of conservation projects, from the Caravaggio paintings in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi to Veronese’s refectory at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice.

The Theban Necropolis Preservation Initiative

Paintings on Canvas

Panel Paintings




Other Media

Rock Art Survey & Documentation in Northern Chad