ARCHiVe Online Academy (AOA)

The Giorgio Cini Foundation, within the ARCHiVe project, presented for 2021 an online training program of 30 lessons divided into 4 thematic areas and a special presentation dedicated to the digitisation of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Foundation.

The free-access meetings are aimed at scholars, researchers and those who want to improve their skills in the field of digital enhancement of cultural heritage.

As part of the celebrations around the 70th anniversary of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Factum Foundation’s Adam Lowe and Frédéric Kaplan from EPFL discussed the outcome of the recording of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in 2020. The online presentation ‘Recording the island of San Giorgio Maggiore’, was streamed live on Youtube on September 27 as the opening event of AOA – ARCHiVe Online Academy.

AOA | Three-dimensional digitisation

Entirely curated by Factum Foundation, aimed to expand and deepen into the concepts and practices of 3D digitiation for Cultural Heritage. The contents were organised in two parts: Input (capturing information) and Output (sharing information), with classes focussing on theoretical aspects and case studies and workshops demonstrating the application of a particular technology discussed in a previous class.


13/10/2021 – Recording the relief of paintings

Speaker: Carlos Bayod Lucini

Recording with the Lucida 3D Scanner, Factum and ARCHiVe’s system for digitizing relief. The process of planning, capturing, processing, visualizing, sharing and reproducing the surface of paintings and other low-relief artifacts for conservation purposes. Creating the digital fingerprint of an artwork.


14/10/2021 – The Lucida 3D Scanner (workshop)

Speakers: Carlos Bayod Lucini, Guendalina Damone



27/10/2021 – Recording (and reproducing) surface and shape

Speaker: Carlos Bayod Lucini

3D and colour recording of an object’s surface and shape employing close-range photogrammetry and structural light scanning: reliefs, sculptures, architectural elements, rock art, city and landscape, etc.
Production of facsimiles through the combination of digital technology and craft skills.



28/10/2021 – Close-range photogrammetry (workshop)

Speakers: Carlos Bayod Lucini, Otto Lowe



4/11/2021 – Stereo-photometric recording (workshop)

Speakers: Carlos Bayod Lucini, Jorge Cano



18/11/2021 – Digital restoration and analysis

Speakers: Carlos Bayod Lucini, Irene Gaumé

The final class, together with Irene Gaumé (3D sculptor at Factum Arte and Factum Foundation) analysed new approaches to higher-resolution surface 3D recording; surface scanning for research and analysis. The concept of digital restoration and its methodologies for non-contact conservation were also talked in depth.