Facsimiles of Horace Walpole’s Collection at Strawberry Hill House

A politician, writer, collector, and the son of Britain’s first Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole, Horace Walpole (1717 – 1797) built his house at Strawberry Hill near London to display his extraordinary collection of treasures, which included more than 1200 ceramics and portraits of his close friends and relatives. The house is considered one of the earliest and finest examples of English Gothic revival but his art collection was sold and dispersed worldwide after his death in 1842.

Factum Foundation supports Strawbery Hill Trust in its effort to recreate the original splendor of Walpole´s home and collection. The facsimiles listed in this section were recorded in museums and private collections in Europe and the United States and re-materialised at Factum Arte in Madrid. They all hang in their original location within the house.