Tactile maps and booklets for the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

As part of the larger initiative ‘PNRR – Piano nazionale ripresa resilienza’, Fondazione Giorgio Cini worked towards a new threshold of accessibility on the grounds of San Giorgio Maggiore. Factum Foundation produced seven tactile maps of the Island and two booklets that, using relief surfaces and Braille, will help blind and visually impaired visitors around the Island, its park and the Vatican Chapels.

Curated in both Italian and English, the maps and booklets were designed and produced at Factum Foundation using parts of the data recorded on the island. The drawings were converted into depth maps and printed using Factum’s elevated printer on composite aluminum (for the seven tactile maps) and polypropylene (for the two booklets).


The tactile maps © Oak Taylor-Smith | Factum Foundation

A visitor reading the Braille text on the tactile map © Veronica Giannella for Fondazione Giorgio Cini