ARCHiVe (Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice)

In October 2018, Factum Foundation, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, and the Digital Humanities Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (DHLAB-EPFL) created ARCHiVe with the Helen Hamlyn Trust as supporting founder.

ARCHiVe’s 1000 sq metre facility, located above the Stanze del Vetro on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, is dedicated to the development and use of technology to preserve cultural heritage. Since its launch, ARCHiVe has become a hub devoted to high-resolution scanning and the creation of digital archives with institutions from around the world. All the tools developed in ARCHiVe are made available to institutions pursuing the study, protection, and conservation of cultural heritage. The founding partners work constantly to develop this technology, improving its efficiency and effectiveness to keep up with the ever-evolving world of big data analysis.

Among the technologies developed and employed by ARCHiVe are the Replica Recto/Verso Scanner and the Portable Manuscript Scanner. Both use open-source software created especially for handling data gathered from manuscript scanning. These non-contact technologies are integrated with Factum Foundation’s most used recording methods and technologies: the Lucida 3D Scanner, photogrammetry, panoramic composite photography, LiDAR scanning and structured white-light scanning. Furthermore, the non-contact high-resolution recording techniques employed by ARCHiVe enhance the field of digital restoration, a fast-growing application of digital technologies.

In its first year, ARCHiVe was shortlisted by Apollo Magazine for its Digital Innovation of the Year Award and has since been regularly cited in national and international media outlets.

Additionally, from 2018, interns and collaborators were hired and trained by ARCHiVe, and several workshops and training programmes have been carried out with national and international universities and cultural institutions. Every year, ARCHiVe offers fellowships to young researchers, as well as student internship opportunities aimed at developing or enhancing the skillsets related to digital technologies and digital humanities within a dynamic and professional context, aligning with Factum’s aim to make technology widely accessible

AOA | ARCHiVe Online Academy

Research and training are two core values of ARCHiVe: the courses and workshops organised as part of AOA | ARCHiVe Online Academy are aimed at professionals, students and collaborators, and are offered in Italian and English. All classes are later available for free on YouTube.

Click here to watch all AOA | ARCHiVe Online Academy classes.