The St. Peter Altarpiece in the Castello di Gabiano

In March 2023, a team from Factum Foundation recorded the St. Peter altarpiece from C15th by Nicolò da Voltri in the Castle of Gabiano, overlooking the river Po in Piedmont, Italy. It was originally painted for the monastery church of San Pietro in Vesima, near Genoa.

Recording the St. Peter altarpiece © Gabriel Scarpa | Factum Foundation

The altarpiece was scanned in high resolution using the Lucida 3D Scanner and composite colour photography in order to produce a facsimile that will form part of the restoration project of the church, which has undergone many transformations since 1159. The work will also include an analytic study to identify the original parts of the frame and the additions made when it was installed in the chapel in the castle of Gabiano.