Newspaper archive for Il Giornale dell’Arte

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the newspaper Il Giornale dell’Arte, founded by Umberto Allemandi in 1983, ARCHiVe conducted specific digitisation tests and recorded 80 earlier copies of the newspaper. The issues were digitised to be freely available online, with a digital OCR-supported function to make the texts easily searchable.

All the copies, as well as their 220 additional issues, were digitised using high-resolution colour photography. Following the post-processing phase, all the digital files were organised using different file formats: high-quality .JPG, lower quality .JPG, CR2 (raw digital photography file format), high-quality .PDF and compressed .PDF. The OCR engine was then added to each PDF file.

The Photographic Manuscript Scanner recording one of the newspaper issues © ARCHiVe


Mentions of the relocation of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini’s on San Giorgio Maggiore and Factum Arte’s facsimile of The Wedding at Cana © ARCHiVe