ISIA Urbino University: A workshop

In 2019, Factum Foundation’s 3D scanning department delivered a five-day workshop focusing on non-contact recording technologies for cultural heritage to ten students from the Photography MA course at ISIA Urbino.

Otto Lowe from Factum Foundation demonstrating photogrammetry with students at Palazzo Grimani © Factum Foundation

Taking place at ARCHiVe’s studios within the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, this workshop reflects one of Factum’s core principles; to provide practical training on real digitisation projects, an experience that provides students with a better insight into the realities of onsite work. In this case, participants carried out fieldwork recordings at various institutions around Venice, and the valuable data they obtained could give rise to larger projects for ARCHiVe.

During the workshop, students utilised photogrammetry to produce 3D recordings of a series of classical busts at the ‘Domus Grimani’ exhibition at Palazzo Grimani. These recordings demonstrate the capability of our technology to generate high-resolution photogrammetric scans of even reflective materials. Students also used photogrammetry on two porphyry busts, a series of Maiolica pottery and a small terracotta head by Antonio Canova at the Colnaghi exhibition held at Abbazia di San Gregorio. On San Giorgio, the Lucida 3D Scanner was used to record high-resolution data for the surface of a painting on canvas by Girolamo Brusaferro.

Carlos Bayod and Guendalina Damone during the theory classes at Fondazione Cini © Factum Foundation

Carlos Bayod from Factum Foundation during workshops with ISIA Urbino students at Fondazone Cini © Factum Foundation

Students work on recording different objects at Palazzo Grimani © Factum Foundation

High-resolution photogrammetry can now be used even with materials such as marble © Factum Foundation

At Palazzo Grimani © Factum Foundation

At Abbazia de San Gregorio to record objects at the Colnaghi show © Factum Foundation

Workshop participants recording Maiolica with photogrammetry at the Colnaghi exhibition © Factum Foundation

High-resolution photogrammetry requires hundreds of overlapping images of an object © Factum Foundation

Factum was invited to teach this workshop by recommendation of Armin Linke, professor at ISIA. We also with to thank Andrea Barbon, Emilio Quinté for their collaboration on this project.